Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Beach at Nha Trang

Now we have experienced the all-night sleeping bus. Have never seen anything like it -- 2 rows of 3 lounge-type seats, a small blanket and pillow. We had seats (beds?) over the wheels, so needless to say, it was a bumpy 10-hour trip!
On arriving at 7 in the morning, Marti walked over to the beach and said, "This is not the place for me." But I love it. Being Asian, I love to watch the locals, what they're selling, what they're doing, what they're eating.
Anyway, the beach was convenient, basically in the centre of the town, and the longer we stayed, Marti got to like it. Although there were some huge hotels and resorts, we found a nice strip of shade under the palm trees and enjoyed the South China Sea. A few days were quite stormy, but we played in the waves and enjoyed the sun. Stayed in a great hotel 2 streets back from the beach ($8 a night), very friendly family. Lots of restaurants around, chocolate croissants, seafood, beer, ice-cream. What more could you want for a few dollars a day! But the motorbikes are still roaring around.
Nha Trang is known for diving and there were shops everywhere offering courses and trips out to the nearby islands. There were also lots of Russians around and there were often signs in Russian, so Russian tourists are now joining the rest of us on the travel circuit.
Visited a few pagodas, but the temples are nothing like those in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos.
It's been good to get out of the big city, but Marti is still searching for tranquility. Apparently the heritage town of Hoi An, our next stop, is much quieter. We'll see.

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